Kenneth O. St. Louis, Ph.D.

Director of Post-Professional Graduate Study in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Contact Information

Office: 805 Allen Hall
Phone: 304-293-2946

Degrees and Credentials:

B.S. Hearing and Speech Science, Colorado State University, 1966
M.S. Speech Pathology, University of Michigan, 1970
Ph.D. Communication Disorders, University of Minnesota, 1973.

Current Responsibilities:

  • Classroom teaching
  • Clinical supervision
  • Research and scholarship
  • Administration; Professional service

Research Interests:

  • Fluency disorders
  • Measuring and improving public attitudes toward stuttering
  • Cluttering, and other human attributes
  • Stories of people who stutter
  • Defining and understanding cluttering

Currently Teaching:

SPA 388, International Experience in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SPA 422, Voice and Stuttering
SPA 495, Independent Research
SPA 628, Advanced Stuttering Disorders
SPA 750, Principles of Information Literacy in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SPA 754, Teaching and Supervision in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SPA 793B, Global Initiatives in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Biographical Information:

Kenneth St. Louis is a professor of speech-language pathology in the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department, where he has served for nearly 35 years. A mostly recovered stutterer, he has devoted his career to the understanding and treatment of stuttering. As a WVU faculty member, he teaches, carries out research, and treats (along with his students) individuals with this disorder. Along the way, he became interested in the related fluency disorder known as cluttering, and has made numerous contributions in that area as well. St. Louis is a WVU Benedum Scholar and first recipient of the Deso Weiss Award for Excellence in Cluttering. Beginning with a stint in the Peace Corps in Turkey, St. Louis has extensive international interest and experience. He has an honorary doctorate from SouthWest University in Bulgaria and currently collaborates with students and faculty at Anadolu University in Turkey.

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