Nathan Sorber, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Higher Education Administration Program
Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Contact Information

Office: 608A Allen Hall
Phone: 304-293-5928


Ph.D., Education Policy Studies: Higher Education
Pennsylvania State University, 2011

M.Ed., Higher Education
Vanderbilt University, 2004

B.A., Economics and Political Science
Bucknell University, 2002

Courses Taught

  • HIED 648 – History-American Higher Education
  • HIED 649 – Contemporary Issues – Higher Education
  • EDLS 654 – College Student Affairs
  • EDLS 693ASPTP: Contemporary Issues – Higher Education
  • HIED 693DSPTP: Global Issues
  • HIED 693ESPTP: International
  • EDLS 785 – Education Administration Leadership


  • History of U.S. HI ED
  • Economic Development & HI ED
  • Public Higher Education Policy
  • Land-Grant Colleges & Universities
  • Socio-Economic Class & HI ED
  • Outreach, Continuing Education


Nathan M. Sorber (2014, Forthcoming). “The Curious Case of John Washburn and George Flint: A History of the Grange’s Land-Grant Colleges” in Science as service: Establishing and reformulating American land-grant universities, 1865 – 1930, Alan Marcus (Ed.). University of Alabama Press.

Nathan M. Sorber & Roger L. Geiger (2014). “The Welding of Opposite Views: Land-Grant Historiography at 150 Years.” Higher Education Handbook of Theory and Research, 29, 385-422.

Nathan M. Sorber (2013). “Creating colleges of science, industry, and national advancement: The origins of the New England land-grant colleges.” Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, 30, 41-77.

Geiger, R. L., & Sorber, N. M., (Eds.). (2013). The Land Grant Colleges and the Reshaping American Higher Education. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Press.

Sorber, N. M. (2011). The era of the student bureaucracy and the contested road to the Harvard Red Book. Higher Education in Review, 8, 13-40